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Прутки Нержавеющая Сталь

Pręty Nierdzewne Okrągłe, Ciągnione, Walcowane Łuszczone EN 10278, EN 10060

Pręty Nierdzewne Kwadratowe, Ciągnione, Walcowane EN 10278, EN 10088-3

Pręty Nierdzewne Sześciokątne Ciągnione EN 10088, EN 10278

One of the most popular elements used in the construction of various types of structures are stainless steel rods. They allow you to create virtually any installation. The condition is only the selection of the right type of material, its tolerance and dimensions.

Knowing the needs of our clients, we offer one of the most frequently selected types of stainless steel rods. They are distinguished by their exceptional resistance to deformation, corrosion and adverse external factors.

The articles offered by us are made according to several production methods. As a result, we can offer rods:
— drawn — created by machining of rolled profiles, using special dies that remove the excess material,
— rolled — individual elements are formed using special rollers, discs or rolls,
— hulled — consists in removing surface cracks and scales from rolled and forged semi-finished products.

As standard, our offer includes round and hexagonal elements. Their use is extremely wide. They can be used in the construction of frame structures, various types of machines, in the energy or architectural industry.

A wide selection of species of our rods makes their structure can be selected for the intended use.

We mainly offer austenitic stainless steels in several grades:
1. EN 1.4301 — this is the most popular grade, it stands out easily in machining and welding
2. EN 1.4307 — this material has a reduced carbon content; it is often used in the chemical industry,
pharmaceutical and other
3. EN 1.4541 — it is distinguished by its particularly high corrosion resistance; the alloy is reinforced and stabilized with titanium
4. EN 1.4401 — is a great material for machining; it is most often used in the chemical, food or petrochemical industry
5. EN 1.4404 — is characterized by resistance to microcrystalline corrosion; however, it is not recommended for structures exposed to sea water (shipbuilding)
6. EN 1.4571 — is readily used in the medical, shipbuilding or construction industry.

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