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Grinding steel

There is nothing to hide – stainless steel is one of the most commonly used materials for creating various types of building structures. However, it should be mentioned that if properly finished, it can also become a decorative or arranging element, distinguished by unusual elegance.

In our company, we take care to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions, which is why, in addition to the sale of plates, bars, flat bars or profiles, we recommend sanding them. This process makes the articles we sell have an extremely aesthetic surface. As a result, polished elements can be used, for example, as balustrades or decorative constructions.

Due to the type of production, we carry out grinding in the case of elements made by cold rolling. Thanks to this, we can obtain surfaces 4N, dry grinding – grain 180, 240, 320.

So if you want your stainless steel elements to be distinguished by an elegant, aesthetic look, contact us and order a grinding service!

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