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In our company we use a well-equipped machine park. Thanks to it, we can implement a whole range of additional services, tailored to the needs and expectations of a given client. Among them is welding steel and titanium.

This process allows to connect individual metal elements using a special binder (its selection depends, among other things, on the method of work). Most often this type of services is used by production plants of many industries, including even automotive, construction, technical or furniture.

Depending on the customer’s needs and the intended use of the construction, we offer several welding methods – MIG, MAG and TIG. They concern both carbon steel, stainless steel, acid resistant steel as well as titanium.

Thanks to the services provided by our company, we can realize for you the entire construction, from the execution of individual products – angles, flat bars or sheets, through their finishing, to the connection of elements.

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