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Coil rewinds roll steel

A well-equipped machine park, which we use, allows us to implement even the most demanding services. Among them there is also professional rewinding of coils and circles. It allows us to perform orders tailored to specific customer requirements.

Depending on your needs, we can prepare stainless steel coils or coils for many different species, differing in corrosion resistance as well as other mechanical damages.

Thanks to professional machines, we offer a wide range of weight scrolls, covering a range from 100 kg up to 12 t. The maximum width of the sheet is 1500 mm.

The service we perform will work in production plants in many industries, including shipbuilding, rail, automotive, technical or construction. Depending on the client’s needs and expectations, after creating the circle, we can also cut the rolls into tapes or sheets.

We provide this type of service as standard or with a protective paper transfer, which protects the scroll against scratches.

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