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Covering with protective film

In the case of many elements, made of stainless steel, it is extremely important to protect them from scratches or deformation. This kind of damage is common especially during transport.

Therefore, in our company, at the customer’s request, we make foiling of individual sheets, bars, flat bars, etc. For this purpose, we use high quality PE protective film with high density. Its thickness depends on the further processing method (laser cutting, bending, gouging and others). Depending on the client’s needs, we can wrap one or two pages of the sheet.

Thanks to the professional machines used by us, we can provide this type of service for elements up to 1500 mm wide. Most often these are cold rolled sheets, intended for the creation of esthetic structures, such as balustrades, façades and many more.

So if you care about proper protection of individual products from steel or titanium, contact us!

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