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Waterjet cutting

To ensure the comprehensive nature of our company’s offer, we offer our customers a professional waterjet cutting service. It is an economical and ecological solution, giving great results in the form of high precision, as well as smooth edges. Using this method, we get an element ready to create any constructions, without the need for finishing.

The cutting factor in this process is a very narrow stream of water, directed at high pressure. It causes a loss of material in its path. The resulting gap usually has a width of up to 1.5 mm.

Water jet cutting is a universal method. It can be used in many materials, not only metals (stainless steel, brass or aluminum), but also plastics.

An additional advantage of the processes proposed by us is also the fact that this type of treatment does not change the physical or chemical properties of the material being processed. There is no stress on the element or change in thermal conditions (high temperature is not necessary for the service).

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