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The experience that we have acquired through hundreds of orders has meant that our stainless steel products, we can now offer to our customers with a comprehensive service. We have modern equipment, and our employees are highly qualified and well trained. Thanks to this, we realize individual orders professionally and with a short deadline.


The technology we use enables us make our servicing orders with the highest level of quality.

The services we provide includes:

1. Comprehensive cutting coils into sheets

A well-equipped machine park allows us to cut both standard sheets, as well as variants adapted to individual customer needs. We also make tapes with selected lengths and widths.

If necessary, scroll coils before cutting them. This treatment aims to brighten, shorten or modify the diameter of the core. Thanks to this, we can ensure the best customization of the ordered products to the needs and expectations of the customer. Depending on your preferences, we offer several types of finishing edges of our sheets.

Due to cutting, we produce coils of various widths depending on customer requirements.

2. Production of any metal elements based on the project sent by the client

Thanks to laser, plasma and waterjet technology used by our partners, we are able to perform any of shape ordered by the customer. All you need to do is send us your project and tell us your expectations.

This service is really often offered to production plants and constructors of innovative devices. Thanks to this, you can get their interesting appearance or functionality.

Depending on your needs, we can produce individual elements of machines or small devices, as well as larger constructions.

3. Cutting metal elements

It is a modern metalworking characterized by unusual precision. It is used in situations where the client orders elements where accuracy is most important.

The type of metalworking used in our company in the production of individual elements is primarily a professional cut:

– a laser – the undoubted advantage of this technique is also the smooth edges of the cut elements; this effect is obtained by means of a hot laser beam and technical gas, which causes combustion, melting or sublimation of the material; the laser beam provides extremely high cutting precision, and a very small area of ​​heat emitted, so later you do not need to further process the edges,

– plasma – enables rapid production of a large amount of thick sheet products. Like a laser, the plasma jet does not cause thermal stresses in the metal, thanks to which it retains its structure,

– water jet – combines laser precision and plasma production capabilities, while not heating the metal even in the cutting zone. It is used to cut hard and super hard alloys.


The comprehensive equipment of our machine park allows us to carry out many additional services that complement our offer. Most often these are different types of finishing methods for given products. We are having in our offer:

– polishing stainless steel products – most often it is a form of surface refinement; depending on the clients’ expectations, we perform standard, industrial or mirror polishing; they are used most often in the case of decorative elements, lighting, mirrors, tiles, ships and many others,

– sheet metal grinding – it consists in removing a thin layer of the surface of a given element; we use several grain patterns for this purpose, which allows obtaining any surface structure;

– coating of manufactured products with a solid protective film made of polyvinyl chloride PVC or PE polyethylene – this is the most popular way of protecting products from various types of metals; provides effective protection against scratches and other similiar damages.

This range of possibilities makes us open to the performance of even the most complex elements,

while maintaining the highest precision.

If you have any doubts regarding the services we provide, please contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions and advise you to chose the best solution suited to your needs.

We standardly execute individual orders, but we are also open to regular cooperation based on deliveries of individual items. Modern machines for mechanical metal cutting and press used by us allow us to produce any elements based on technical drawings and technical parameters provided to us.

However, that’s not all. Skilled and experienced constructors of our company are able to perform individual elements, regardless of the complexity of the project and the amount of details. Just report to us and provide all the necessary technical parameters, and on this basis, we will create the necessary parts.

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