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Titanium tubes

Anyone who has ever dealt with the construction of various types of transport installations, knows that in the case of creating products outdoors or in places exposed to adverse weather conditions, it is necessary to choose extremely durable elements.

Titanium tubes are often used in hard conditions. Thanks to them, we can be sure that the installation will be safe and efficient for many years. The material have high resistance to damage or cracking even in the case of extreme temperatures and heavy loads. The elements can be used in the transport of loose materials with sharp edges, because they have high abrasion resistance.

The use of titanium pipes does not only cover the structures described above. They are also used in the automotive, ships and petrochemical industries. Some companies also choose them for the production of bicycle frames, nautical equipment or individual machine parts.

Titanium pipes

Seamless: fi 4-115mm * wall 0.2 ~ 8mm * Length max. 15000mm
Welded: fi 80 ~ 650mm * wall 1 ~ 10mm * Length max.15,000mm
Standards: ASTM B337, ASTM B338 / ASME SB 338, ASTM B861, ASTM B862

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