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Welded tubes

For many installations or decorative elements, durable welded pipes are used. This name comes from the production method, during which the sheet is formed and connected by welding.

Thanks to modern machines used by our company, individual connections are almost invisible. At the same time, these types of constructions are characterized by aesthetic appearance, especially in the case of additional surface finishing through grinding.

The use of welded pipes is extremely wide, because they work well wherever high resistance to mechanical damage or corrosion is necessary. They are used, among others, in the production of various types of machinery, warehouse structures, parts of buildings (eg balustrades), water supply and pharmaceutical installations and many others.

All elements proposed by our company have all the necessary certificates and attestations, guaranteeing their durability and quality. Of course, they are available in several variants, differing in diameter and thickness of materials used.

Installation pipes made in accordance with EN 10217-7; also available in a version consistent with EN 10357 for the food industry. Construction and balustrade pipes – made according to EN 10296-2.

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