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Seamless tubes

In addition to the relatively popular welded variants, our company also offers reliable seamless tubes, manufactured by cold or hot rolling. They are made of the first quality stainless steel, so we can guarantee their exceptional durability.

The fabric itself is extremely resistant to mechanical damage (eg, as well as adverse external conditions (including extreme temperatures and humidity). In addition, the structure without seams guarantees full tightness.

Excellent physical and chemical properties mean that seamless pipes are used to create installations in the most difficult conditions, as precision, structural or wire elements. Often, they are also chosen for constructions that transport liquids or gases.

In our offer, we offer our customers products in several of the most-chosen sizes. However, at the individual request of the client, we are also able to fulfill the non-standard order.

Made according to EN 10216-5, in accordance with PED 97/23 / EU.

Tolerances for diameter and wall thickness according to EN 1127: for cold-formed pipes (CF) D3 / T3, D4 / T3 or D4 / T4; for pipes made hot (HF) D2 / T2 or D2 / T1.

Available from the composition in the genre 1.4541 / 1.4878 (321 / 321H), 1.4301 / 1.4307 (304 / 304L), 1.4401 / 1.4404 (316 / 316L) other dimensions and species available from replenishment (2 weeks) or from production (3-6 months).

The pipes have material certificates 3.1. according to EN 10204 standard and TUV certificate.

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