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Square and rectangular tubes

Square profiles

Rectangular closed profiles

One of the most popular elements made of stainless steel, used during construction of many constructions or installations, are square and rectangular closed profiles. Probably each of us has once again met with these types of articles, which are parts of various types of machines, cranes, balustrades, gates, fences and many others.

We use three grades of steel for the production of closed profiles:
– 1.4301 / 1.4307 – this type is one of the most popular variants in the creation of many structures, primarily due to its susceptibility to machining and welding,
– 1.4509 – an alloy with a high content of niobium and titanium, considered to be one of the extremely durable species that exhibits resistance to high temperatures, even up to 800 ° C,
– 1,4003 – a ferritic grade, used primarily in the food and mining industry.

Depending on customer preference, we offer elements in three variants – matt, polished and polished. Thanks to this, it is possible to choose a given model for use, eg in the case of decorative constructions, we propose polished or polished products.

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