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Stainless Steel Angles EN 10056/1028, EN 10056/1029

For many years, our company has been providing solutions with the highest quality to customers in the field of metal products resistant to corrosion. Among them, a lot of space is occupied by stainless steel angles. They are eagerly used, among others, in construction as protection of the edges of individual structural elements.

Due to the most frequently used application, when producing such elements, special attention should be paid to their resistance to damage.

That’s why we use several stainless steel grades for this purpose, known for their high resistance. These are primarily austenitic and ferritic grades.

In the table below, we present an assortment of stainless steel angles proposed by us. As a standard, they are isosceles, but at the individual customer’s request we can make non-aligned models tailored to the needs of the recipient. All you need to do is to report to us and submit technical drawings showing the cross-section of the necessary parts. There is a wide range of angle bars on the market made of various materials. However, when using this type of elements outdoors, or in rooms exposed to adverse weather conditions or extreme temperatures, it is best to choose our stainless steel products.

Only they guarantee optimal resistance to corrosion, scratches and other factors affecting the technical properties of these articles. If you are not sure which type of product best suits your needs, please contact us. We are happy to help you choose the right type of material, as well as its thickness or exact dimensions. The undoubted advantage of the services provided by our company is certainly the possibility of delivering selected products by own transport.

Thanks to this, you can be sure that the goods ordered by you will reach all and without damage. In addition, the vehicles we have, allow for simultaneous transport of bulky materials.

Stainless Steel Channel EN 10279

The product range of our company includes a wide range of metal products, among which there are stainless steel channel sections. Their use is extremely wide. They are most often used in many production plants of the construction industry, carpentry or mechanical industry. C-bars are nothing more than a variant of a steel rod with a profile resembling the letter “C”. They are most often formed in the process of hot or cold rolling. This is one of the ways of machining stainless steel components. For this purpose, we use modern machines equipped with rollers, discs and rollers of various dimensions. They are set in motion and move, pressing on the formed element and gradually changing its shape.

At the same time, the method used by us changes the chemical and physical properties of the material, increasing its resistance to damage. Products offered by our company, regardless of other technical parameters, have 6000 mm in length. It allows efficient transport as well as suitable for the construction of most structures.

The range of our products includes stainless steel sections, made of steel grades most commonly used for this purpose. Thanks to this, individual elements are susceptible to machining and welding. At the same time, they show high resistance to scratches, mechanical damage, corrosion as well as adverse external factors.

As standard, we offer several variants of C-profiles, differing in thickness and exact dimensions. Thanks to modern machines that we use, we are, however, open to the implementation of non-standard orders. All you need to do is to report to us and provide specifications and technical drawings, according to which we will be able to start work

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