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Dished Heads of Stainless Steel

stainless steel head dished, tank heads

One of the elements of welded fittings available in the our assortment are stainless steel heads. They are necessary in the case of construction of transporting gases, liquids or solid materials.

Such elements must exhibit high resistance to adverse weather conditions and substances (in some cases even acids). They are also characterized by high scratch and abrasion resistance, which is extremely important for applications with abrasive powdery materials. They are also susceptible to welding, which speeds up the process of creating any installation.

Each of the bottoms we offer has all the necessary certificates, which prove its safety of use and quality. The stainless steel products we recommend have a matt surface.

We offer a wide range of diameters and thicknesses of these stainless steel elements, tailored to the most commonly used pipes, also available in our assortment.

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