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Stainless steel

Nowadays many materials with varied properties and compositions are used to produce different kinds of constructions. Yet, whenever it’s necessary to use the most reliable resources stainless steel is chosen.

The wide range of grades of this material makes it possible to pick the right technical parameters depending on the needs. Particular grades differ in, for example, machinability, weldability, and also corrosion resistance.

Our offer includes an extensive range of stainless steel products, like sheets, coils, rods, sections, flat bars or bottoms. In order to provide services best suited for our clients, we use several production methods, such as rolling (cold and hot), drawing or peeling.

If you have any doubts when deciding which solution is best for your needs, please contact us and we will help you make the choice.

FerriticMartensiticAusteniticHeat ResistantDuplex

Hot rolled surface finishesCold rolled surface finishes

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