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Construction companies and all who plan to build their new home are recommended in our offer of stainless steel chimneys. In recent times, they are particularly willingly used, due to the excellent technical parameters and material properties.

The main advantage is certainly stainless steel, guaranteeing resistance to any damage, moisture and high temperatures. In addition, this material is a good guide, which means that it heats up quickly and provides optimal thermal insulation.

At this point, one should also mention the extremely easy assembly. All you need to do is connect the individual elements together, without the need for welding. Metal structures do not need to create foundations, which in turn contributes to shortening the installation time of the entire installation.

During the implementation of each order we make sure that the solutions we offer are also distinguished by aesthetic design. Thanks to this, our constructions will be adapted to the majority of architectural styles used today.

The rich experience that we have acquired over the years has meant that today we use several steel grades for the production of stainless steel chimneys, displaying the best properties under these specific conditions.

To this end, we use the following grades:
– EN 1.4301 – this material is very susceptible to processing; most often its surface is polished,
– EN 1.4401 – is distinguished by its high resistance to corrosion and external factors; this alloy is enriched with molybdenum admixture, which makes it possible to use it in places where it is possible for chlorine or acids to be oxidizable,
– EN 1.4521 – it is a stainless and acid-resistant material, which is why it is used in the most difficult conditions;
dedicated for industrial applications,
– EN 1.4509 – it is the material exhibiting the highest corrosion resistance due to the content of niobium and titanium; it can be used at temperatures up to 800 ° C.

Take advantage of our offer and choose our durable and aesthetic stainless steel chimneys!

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